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Warships at a Glance, 1914: A Naval Cadet goes to War (Cloth bound)

Warships at a Glance



Postage and Packing Free - This special edition of Warships At A Glance has been reproduced to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. It is a tribute to the cadets and midshipmen of the Royal Navy, some of them very young, who fought and died for their country in that conflict.


Detailed Description

publication date: August 2014

ISBN 978-1-84102-376-2 

cloth bound 164 x 15005

126 pages  

  • Originally issued to Cadets in 1914
  • Reissued to Cadets in 2014
  • Contains annotations from the Great War
  • Cloth bound, foil blocked with special end papers and head/tail bands with 1/4 dust jacket

One copy bears the name ‘A L Tidd’, written in the immature hand of a 14 year-old. Alec Lister Tidd was born on 12th April 1900 in Guildford, Surrey, and joined Osborne in Drake Term, in January 1914, leaving in April 1915 to join St Vincent Term of Britannia Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. While at the two Colleges, he fenced, swam for his Term, played soccer, played rugby in the scrum and was a notable bowler on the cricket field. At Christmas 1916, he passed out from Dartmouth and was commissioned as a Midshipman with a seniority of 1st January 1917, joining the battleship HMS Neptune in the Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow, where he served until after the end of the First World War, being given the acting rank of Sub Lieutenant on 15th November 1918 and witnessing the surrender of Germany’s High Seas Fleet seven days later. HMS Neptune was the only ship of her class and her silhouette is prominent in Warships At A Glance, among the newer battleships of the Royal Navy.

The timely reproduction of this 1914 edition of Warships At A Glance provides a historical snapshot of the state of the World’s navies at the peak of an era of unrivalled expansion and competition. In contrast to the military and political games being played out by the great powers of Europe the personal annotations on this edition, penned by Cadet Alec Tidd, highlight the reality that all wars are the stories of individuals as well as nations. For Cadet Tidd and his contemporaries joining the Royal Naval College Osborne at the age of 13 the prospect of war must have felt like an exciting opportunity to exchange the classroom for a life of adventure. The reality for his generation was however, to be a life consumed by war and for many giving their lives for King and country at a mere 15 or 16 years of age.

The foreword is by Capatain Henry Duffy, RN
Captain, Britannia Royal Naval College 2014

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