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Sweet and Sour: Chinese Communities in the SW of England

Sweet and Sour



Postage and Packing Free - Recollections of the Chinese Elders in the South West. Story telling is a time honoured tradition that helps keep culture and history alive.



Detailed Description

publication date: 25 September 2007
ISBN 978-1-84102-171-3
paperback 240 x 170mm
fully illustrated
112 pages
x 2 CD recorded in Cantonese

Sweet and Sour gives a ‘snapshot’ of this community’s lives, both before and after coming to Britain, but gives an idea of how big a step it was. It meant leaving their families, friends, culture and everything that was familiar to them. Many of the interviewees talked of how they knew very little about Britain or what to expect. Often their first impression was how cold and grey Britain appeared to them, the difficulties with the language and, because of the very long hours they worked, the lack of opportunity to remedy this. The general feeling from the majority of the interviewees was that while many of them who immigrated, appreciated the eventual ‘advantages’; they also paid a high price for them; the work that they did meant isolation from their families and loved ones and the wider community, who have not always been welcoming. We are also aware that given the emphasis placed on good manners and respect, many of their criticisms of their reception in Britain, have been tempered.



Lorraine Frances
Shei Ling Wong

SENDA CD is included

Bi-lingual English/Chinese

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