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ICATS Postgraduate Diploma (Flavour or Fragrance Pathway)

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ICATS Distance Diploma in Aroma Trades Studies
Dates of Event
1st January 2000 – 1st January 2025
Last Booking Date for this Event
1st January 2025

Course Content and Structure

Unit 1 - Foundation science and mathematics for Aroma Trades

Unit 2 - Sensory studies and odour language

Unit 3 - Aroma materials of natural & synthetic origin

Unit 4 -  Creation and evaluation in the Aroma Trades (Fragrance pathway)

Unit 4 - Flavour creation and evaluation (Flavour pathway)

Unit 5 - Application of aroma materials (Fragrance pathway)

Unit 5 - Application of flavouring materials in flavoured products (Flavour pathway)

Unit 6 - Safety, regulatory and environmental issues

Unit 7 - Operations, logistics and quality assurance

Unit 8 - Marketing in the Aroma Trades

Unit 9 - New product develeopment in the Aroma Trades

Unit 10 - Project management and the briefing process

Unit 11 - Financial and management issues in the Aroma Trades

Unit 12 - Research methods and dissertation proposal

Unit 13 - Dissertation 

Units 1 and 2 provide the necessary foundation knowledge and skills. Units, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 cover specific technical aspects of the Aroma Trades. Units 8, 9, 10 and 11 cover the business aspects of the Aroma Trades. The concluding units (12 & 13) lead to to the production of a research based dissertation of the participant's own topic selection with tutor support and guidance.



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